Free Breakfast and Lunch!

We are thrilled to announce free breakfast AND lunch for our participants!

ChoiceLunch and EduScape will be hosting a continental breakfast – juice, coffee, fruit, muffins and water.  ChoiceLunch will also be providing lunch for all attendees.  Lunch will include a turkey, roast beef or veggie sandwich, cookie and a water.

Registration is open and tickets are really starting to move!


You know you want to try an edcamp! Why not register today?


2 thoughts on “Free Breakfast and Lunch!

  1. Kathleen Arnold

    I am not sure how I originally heard about this EdCamp, but I registered quite a few weeks ago. My problem is I teach at a Lutheran School, and this seems designated for Catholic school teachers. Should I not have registered? My son went to SI and Eric Castro has conducted iPad training for the teachers at our school.


    1. cathedcampsf Post author

      Hi Kathleen – Thanks for your comment.

      We are very excited you will be attending on Saturday. Our EdCamp, while hosted by Catholic school educators, is open to everyone interested in education! We’re looking forward to seeing you.



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